Following a round of member meetings last week members who were available to attend clearly indicated their dissatisfaction with council’s current offer. 

The vast majority of our claims have been rejected with only some commitments to; 

  • Gender equality matters being heard at the GE Commission 
  • Gender affirmation leave 
  • Right to disconnect clause  

We would like to understand which of our ASU log of claims items you would like us to priorities and get council to reconsider. 

As such we have put together a survey which allows you to enter in your top 5 claims- we will collate this information and progress these items. This survey can be filled in here 

A copy of the ASU log of claims can be found here 

Members very clearly indicated that the current wages offer detailed below is unacceptable.  

Wage offer
Yr 1- 2.25%
Yr 2- 2.75%
Yr 3- 2.25% 

 Members advised at the meeting that they are prepared to participate in protected industrial action to try and achieve a better offer. This is the only time that industrial action is protected. Doing so at other workplaces has been effective to improve the offer.  

You will shortly be receiving a text msg from the ASU for you to vote on this. The ASU office need to ensure that majority of members are prepared to step up before proceeding down this path. Please respond. 

Talk to a colleague about joining the union or stepping up and becoming more involved through our delegate structure. Together we are stronger. Joining is easy just follow this link. 

For further information please contact your ASU delegates or organiser Shane Lumsden| 

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