In Tasmania the ASU has a group for ASU women that is run by ASU women – the Bracknell Group.

The Bracknell Group is our ASU women’s committee in Tasmania. It’s a group for likeminded women who would like to become more active in their community and its purpose is for women to support and mentor each other to become more confident activists in the community.

Last year a training project for activist women, the Anna Stewart Memorial Project, focused on developing women activists who are ‘relentlessly courageous’.

With the Bracknell Group, which has so far been quite fluid, it’s now time to time to gather together, lift each other up and become ‘relentlessly courageous’.

Over the next few months the federal election will provide lots of opportunities for ASU members to participate in the “Change the Rules” campaign.

There will be everything from wobble boarding, door knocking, sharing or creating social media posts and speaking to your friends and family about why you’re a proud ASU member. There will be something for everyone.

If you would like to find out more about the opportunities for women in our union, the Bracknell Group or getting involved in the Change the Rules campaign, please call ASU Growth & Campaigns Organiser Seranna Shutt on 0459 228 612.

Let’s keep growing our union in Tasmania and add some value along the way.

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