Some ASU members met on Tuesday to provide direction on the next steps with the agreement.

Many of you will already understand that due to a change in the board composition a new legal opinion was sought late last year. This led to several changes in the draft.

The most significant of which is the decision to exclude Clause 8 Disciplinary Procedure from the range of matters that can be dealt with under Clause 7 the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

This has undermined the happiness of concluding a long negotiation resulting in an excellent agreement which is overall very positive for staff.

The impact of this change has led to considerable reflection on the next steps, which those of you that attended the meeting on Tuesday would be aware of.  After inconclusive discussions and voting on Tuesday, and wanting to give members more time to go through the provided information and have their say. It has been agreed that we should ask all ASU members to vote on whether they endorse the agreement through an online survey.

When you click on the link below you will firstly be asked whether you endorse (support) the agreement.

If you vote No, you will be able to provide the reasons you said No.

Take this link now to vote on your agreement.

Please speak to one of your bargaining representatives if you have any questions and vote today.
Voting will close at 10.00 am Monday the 21 of February.

For further information on how to join please speak to your bargaining representatives Bridget Jolley, Carly Myers,  or Liz Wright.

ASU members increase all workers rights and build better, safer workplaces. Join today to support your representatives’ work

For more information about this newsletter, contact your representative listed above or Lead Organiser Jane Karslake


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