The vote for your new enterprise agreement (EA) opened yesterday. In May a majority of Manningham staff voted no to a lesser offer. Since then, we have improved the wage offer and addressed a bugbear in Customer Service around tea breaks. This was only achieved through the hard work and dedication of your ASU delegates!

During negotiations, members considered actions, voted down a poor offer, supported submissions to the Manningham budget process and noticeably improved the overall deal. The ASU is supportive of this Agreement and recommends that members vote yes.

EA improvements in this offer include:

  • Wage increases:
    • 1.9% or $24 per week in July 2020
    • 1.6% or $21 per week in July 2021
    • 1.75% or $23 per week in July 2022
    • 1.75% or rate cap or $27 per week in July 2023
  • Increase to Home Support Worker phone allowance: $4 to $7.50/wk
  • Improvements to workplaces processes including disciplinary procedure, managing workloads staff absence and vacancies, employment security, workforce planning, annual leave requests
  • Introducing designated Family Violence contacts, with appropriate training
  • Superannuation to be paid on all Paid Parental Leave
  • Release arrangement for Home Support Workers who are ASU delegates
  • Better reporting on Staffing Levels to the SCC
  • Overtime to be offered first to workers directly engaged by Manningham who usually perform the work

Protracted negotiations and the pandemic have created trying circumstances that delegates and members pushed through with success. A massive thank you and acknowledgment to your ASU delegates Jason, Steve T, Alan, Steve B, Edwina, Vesna, Peter and Steve C, and the many members who did hard work at negotiations and/or behind the scenes.

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