With the amount of bullying behaviour being reported at Kingston recently, there has been a number of people who have taken time off work on personal leave to recover from the psychological effects of this behaviour. The cost in both time and treatment relating to this can be substantial.

We are also aware of a member who management have decided isn’t fit to attend work due to what management have diagnosed (no medical training required apparently) as “poor mental health”. Kingston has instructed to use sick leave to cover this enforced absence, the ASU is dealing with this.

A workplace injury due to bullying behaviour is generally a psychological injury. Whilst this type of injury isn’t any less real than a physical injury, it often takes much longer to heal with lasting implications. With it not being a physical injury, it’s much harder to have it accepted as a Workcover claim.

The ASU has recently assisted 2 members to lodge Workcover claims due to the impact of bullying behaviour. The ASU worked closely with its members, assisting and providing legal advice with making the claims. In both these occasions the Workcover claims have been successfully accepted and our members are now being helped with their recovery without any financial cost to them.

The ASU is keen to assist anyone who is experiencing bullying behaviour.  However, we are only able to assist ASU members. We encourage you to share this information with colleagues and to encourage them to join the ASU. Then, if they experience this kind of behaviour, we are able to help them.

If you’re injured at work, get treatment from your own Doctor and contact the ASU for assistance. Don’t contact the doctor that Kingston, through their provider Cogent refers you to.

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