ASU delegate Shana and Organiser Lorraine met with Tiffany Smith last week to progress concerns raised by members.  Please see agreed actions below.

  1. Permanent Reliever position;Questionnaire to be developed and meetings to be established to understand individuals preferences for being stationed to a room or reverting to genuine relief role.  We will regroup once information obtained.
  2. Same age vs multiple aged rooms: Further investigation regarding request for single aged room- if it is planning related then look at the focus group being similar in age and not mixed to aid this.
  3. Familiarity with logging near misses and incidents: Each centre to reiterate process at team meetings – discuss process from start to finish.  Provided printed information in lunchrooms etc.
  1. Accountability: Looking at utilising education leader position, more of an active role in raising concerns, more structured approach- meetings organised on recurring basis.
  1. Safe work practices:
  • Ben from Pace Health to perform assessment on physical space
  • Building management: look at practicality of installing electric stairs at each centre.  If not possible due to space then look at other options
  • Tips and tricks: share relevant information from Ben to each site
  • Online clips on safe work practices
  1. Food handling: Process to be drafted; ASU will provide input into draft.

There is still required to finalise these matters, but it is positive to see management and the ASU working together to resolve this. We will of course keep you updated on the progress.

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