The dedication and activism of ASU members across the social and community services sector is paying big dividends. 

Together we have been able to achieve great things for the sector – most recently the federal government’s budget commitment to fund the final Equal Pay increase. 

Unexpectedly, this important campaigning is providing an additional benefit to ASU members. 

The increased profile of the union that has come from our prominent campaigning is now changing the way employers are engaging twit the ASU.  

Employers in different parts of the sector, including Uniting and Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative, are now proactively engaging with the union in a way we have not seen before.  

As the union’s profile in the sector has grown the essential interests of ASU members are being considered earlier by employers.  

And this is making real differences to ASU members’ work-lives because the real-world experience and expectations of ASU members are influencing employer decisions. 

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