The ASU met with the Minister for Local Government Nic Street yesterday. The Minister was engaging and the ASU appreciates the time dedicated, however what is clearer now than ever is that the Government have a problem on their hands. Similar to the release of the Board’s Interim Report, there are more questions, than answers.

The Minister cannot provide any commitments on the things that workers want to know. There are no guarantees that workers are seeking regarding your job security, your employer, your work location, the services you provide or a firm timeline around the drafting of legislation following this review.  There is no details on the composition on consultation packs to communities or workers.

The Minister seemed unclear on the Boards processes around Public Hearings that are eluded to in the report.

There appears to be no understanding or regard given to the impact on the workforce of over 4,000 Local Government employees.

Concerningly, there is not a commitment to wider community consultation or even employee consultation in each municipality.

The Minister does not have a plan regarding addressing wages, conditions and the workforce challenges that are being felt in Tasmania.

The Government have embarked on a path that puts so much at risk. And why? The work of the Board makes clear that only 20% of those they engaged with had a negative view of the performance of their council.

The Tasmanian Parliament will have a say on the recommendations put to the Minister in September, thanks to the pressure applied by your union, workers and communities. Elected members will need to stick up for Tasmanian communities.

Stay tuned for next steps in how you can get involved.

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