As part of our scheduled visits across Councils, and in lieu of Wellington Shire Council EBA being voted in favour of, ASU organiser Colin Houghton will be attending sites, cooking BBQs and discussing proceedings. Come along and attend one of the below scheduled meetings and hear some of the benefits of being an ASU member. 

Meetings are approved by Kirralee Richardson as extremely brief paid meetings and will be held as set out below: 

DATE: 21/6/2023
TIME: 6.45am – 7.30am 
WHERE: Finnegan Court Depot. BBQ provided. 

DATE: 22/6/2023
TIME: 6.30am – 7.15am 
WHERE: Landy Street Depot. BBQ provided. 

DATE: 23/6/2023
TIME: 12pm – 1pm
WHERE: Merrimans Creek room Desailly Street office. 

DATE: 23/6/2023
TIME: 12pm – 1pm
LOCATION: Microsoft Teams. Click here to join the meeting 

It pays to be union! 

We are stronger when we are united. Speak to your colleagues about joining the ASU and invite them along to attend one of these important meetings. 

Chat to a workmate who is not yet an ASU member about the importance of joining the ASU It’s easy for anyone to join online at 

If you would like further information, please contact your delegate Kate Dyer, Steve Hill, James Blythe, Jasmine McMillan or ASU Organiser Colin Houghton  

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