The Australian Services Union Victorian & Tasmanian Services and Authorities Branch slammed the criticism of hardworking council workers in recent reports including by Ratepayers Victoria.

“Nothing gets done in councils without hardworking council staff,” said Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin.

“Council staff are the people that make our councils work – they provide services ranging from garbage collection to childrens’ services and aged care.

“Of course they also work on the roads, footpaths and everything else that needs to get done for our community.

“The comparison with ‘roads funding’ is ridiculous because you can’t build, maintain or upgrade roads and footpaths without the people who do the work.

“Council staff do the work, but don’t direct the work. That’s the job of Council Management and Councillours.

“After the introduction of Rate Capping by the Victorian Government, we are not surprised that important works are not being done – as council staff are being asked to do more with less, and for less.

“Rate-capping was introduced as a way to reign in CEO and Executive salaries and prevent council waste, so far neither of these goals seems to have been met.

“The ASU is committed to seeing a significant increase in funds to local councils so that workers receive fair wages, and the community receives the right services.”

Media contact: Tim O’Halloran 0409 059 617

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