The ASU will be holding a Library Delegates meeting on Tuesday 12 May. Please attend to discuss COVID-19 related library issues.

DATE: Tuesday 12 May
TIME: 12:30pm
ZOOM MEETING ID: 940-8856-9749

This meeting will give us an opportunity to update each other on what your employer is doing (or not doing to redeploy people) and ideas to share solidarity with other library campaigns.

Right now, several libraries are fighting to ensure support for their casual employees, while others are campaigning to prevent stand-downs.

We know that as quarantine continues, the community is going to become more reliant on the services that you’re providing online and through the post, not less.

If you’ve never attended a zoom meeting before, remember to download the app or the software at least thirty minutes before the meeting. If you’re having trouble making it work, please contact ASU Organiser Austin Fabry at

If you know anyone who would be interested in stepping up as a delegate who would like to attend this meeting, feel free to forward them this email. Likewise, if you know a delegate who hasn’t received this invite, please let them know about it.

Solidarity and stay safe,
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry

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