Local Issues – Heatherton Customer Limit, Positive Pakenham Test and Hot Spots
The ASU continues to monitor VicRoads’ handling of COVID-19, to ensure the safety of our members is foremost – here are a few developments over the last week to update members.

  • The ASU became aware that local Management at the Heatherton CSC had decided to increase the maximum limit on customers in the building from 50 to 80. The ASU followed this up straight away, and the decision was reversed.

    This goes to an ongoing problem within VicRoads where local Management makes up their own rules, and these problems only get resolved where ASU members step up and seek Union intervention.

  • Positive test at Pakenham. A drive test applicant tested positive to COVID-19 last week, after participating in a driving test the week before. VicRoads Management notified the ASU straight away and put in place appropriate measures to deal with the problem.

    There is every chance that there will be more such incidents into the future, and members must remain vigilant around this. We will continue to represent members’ safety to management on these matters to ensure timely appropriate measures are put in place.

  • With the State Government’s introduction of new controls for COVID19 ‘hot spots’, the ASU has asked Management what measures will be put in place where CSCs are located in these local government areas. Discussions are ongoing, and we will notify members of any updates.

Agency Conversion
Following recent discussions with former Roads Minister Jaala Pulford, the ASU has written to the incoming Minister Ben Carroll regarding the overuse of agency staff across VicRoads.

A full audit has been sought, with detailed information on the length of service and location. The ASU will use this info to demand opt-in arrangements for agency staff wanting to transfer employment to VicRoads. Check out the letter here

As always, the ASU is by your side. Know someone who isn’t an ASU member? Ask them to join the ASU at www.asu.asn.au/asujoin

Don’t forget the ASU recruitment competition is underway until September, $500 is up for grabs for the member who recruits the most new people.

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