The ASU’s Homelessness Sub-Sector Member Network is kicking off again.

With the lack of accessible housing, the sorry state of the public housing system, the low pay and often poor conditions for workers, and the high burnout rate, members of the new Network will have a plethora of issues to consider and strategize over.   

It’s no secret that Homelessness gets left behind when Community Sector funding is being discussed – as we’ve seen with successive governments trying to reduce the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement funding again and again. Together we can make employers and governments listen in ways that are impossible to do alone.  

The purpose, direction, actions, and running of the Network will be set by you, the members of the Network. The only requirement is that you’re an ASU member and you work in Homelessness or with people who access homelessness services. 

So – will you join the Network? 

The first meeting will be co-chaired by ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan and ASU Delegate at Launch Housing, Yuya Sudo.

DATE: Wednesday 18 October
TIME: 6pm – 7pm

For further information or to add agenda items please contact:
ASU Launch Housing Delegate Yuya Sudo |  
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |  

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