Our union is working hard to resolve the negotiations for your new enterprise agreement. Last year we lodged at Fair Work Australia to get bargaining started again. We now have an offer for you to consider.

1. Pay:
Three-year agreement:
Year 1 (Commencing 1 Jan 2021) 1.2%
Year 2 (Commencing 1 Jan 2022) 1.4%
Year 3 (Commencing 1 Jan 2023) 1.5%

2. Allowances:
Only Industry Allowance to be increased by the same percentages

3. Hours of Work:
The Shire has asked us to think about varying standard hours from 6am -6pm to be 6am-10pm. We raised concerns about the impact on your overtime provisions.  The Shire considered that maybe only new starters would have the longer standard hours. We raised concerns about that being divisive.  We are now waiting to see if they will confirm in writing that standard hours will remain 6-6 for the whole of Cardinia Shire

What’s next?
We will meet with management on Wednesday 12pm to negotiate the precise details of  the offer.

We welcome all the new members who have joined this year. Joining is easy. Here is the link https://www.asu.asn.au/asujoin

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