The ASU has been negotiating with council for a new EA for 16 months, this process has been highly unusual and drawn out.

There’s lots to cover in this, so we’ve made a factsheet – download here and share with other council staff.

Council have changed their offer to staff numerous times during bargaining, including:

  • withdrawing previously agreed offer on ASU claim to improve redundancy entitlements
  • council has withdrawn agreement on clauses that contained better outcomes for members. They want to revert to EA10. These were all previously agreed clauses!
    • Consultation
    • Redundancy
    • Transfer of Business
    • On Call
    • Employee Flexibility

The council bargaining team confirmed this is under the delegated authority of the CEO.

ASU Quick Guide to Council’s Offer (as at 6 July 2022):


  • Shifted proposed sign-on bonus to pay rise from 1 July 2021
  • Increased redundancy lump sum payment $7.5K, and redundancy cap to 52 weeks
  • Increase personal leave to 13 days/year
  • Increase compassionate leave 4 days per occasion


Maintains agreed EA improvements to paid parental, gender transition/affirmation & ATSIC ceremonial leave.


  • Whole offer conditional on:
    • Spread of hours pushing out from M-F 6am-6-pm TO M-F 6am-8pm.
    • Maximum ordinary hours increasing from 9 to 10 hours/day.
  • Doesn’t meet ASU claim to ensure Special Carers Leave is fairly and transparently available.
  • 4-year deal, we’ve consistently passed on members’ preference for 3-year deal.
  • Doesn’t meet range of other ASU members’ claims for the main EA and Appendices.

How do I know what’s happening next? What can I do to get the fairest outcome possible?

The ASU will continue to send regular update to ASU members!

Make sure to read updates from the union, as some things may move more quickly now. Talk to others in your area and make sure they know what’s happening too. If you’re WFH, please make sure share this newsletter with your team. Ask them if they are a union member.

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