Thanks for your attendance and participation at the first ASU Gender Equality Network meeting, it was a great start to looking at the opportunities to address these issues under the new Gender Equality Act!

As promised, please find the slides from the meeting and model ASU gender equality clause (the EA claim wording is in the slides).

Please note, depending on when you may be bargaining please check back with the branch if you plan to use the clause, as this will keep evolving.

The link to the Gender Equality Action Plan Guide we discussed is here:

It’s your best go-to resource for all sorts of handy info you can check to see if your employers are following, this is put out by the Commission so can’t argue with it!

Of particular interest is :

  • Appendix A – what’s required and what’s recommended as a checklist format
  • Consultation obligations (Section 2 and Appendix C)
  • Appendix D (and Section 4) – Strategies to suggest for Action Plans, once you have access to Audit results and know what might need tackling in your workplace, as each will have unique results

We had some good suggestions on the next meeting being to touch base once Audits should be complete, to discuss any barriers delegates may be experiencing and next steps – and will circulate a time for early December.

In the meantime, excellent to have so many keen ASU delegates online and look forward to seeing you all next time.

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