The first ASU Frankston Network Meeting recently brought together ASU members from all industries to discuss local issues relevant to the union and union members.

Representatives from SACS, Local Government and Water industries attended, some from local workplaces, some working afar. The meeting showed the diversity of the ASU and the power that comes from members in diverse industries. Local members got to hear about industrial and campaign activity across industries.

The network’s aim is to create a platform where members can band together to help tackle union and industrial issues at a community level. The ASU has established networks so members can assist each other when restrained by employment limitations, or when there is a need to get greater numbers on the ground.

Trades Hall came out to talk about “Change the Rules” and about how local members can get involved in the Dunkley election campaign. As a local union network, we have a strong interest into what happens in Dunkley during the federal election. All members who attended the network meeting committed to bring the discussions back to their workplaces and to help support the campaign.

We have a fantastic team of ASU members out at Frankston. They are strong, dedicated and know that more can be achieved when we stand together. Our next meeting will be May 2019, so if you live in the area get involved.

And if you live outside the Frankston area and want to get involved in a local ASU Network, speak to your delegate, organiser or call the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

We are stronger together.

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