On the first of February we celebrated the seventh anniversary of the success of the ASU’s Equal Pay Case.

The case resulted in all SACS workers being granted an extra pay increase, on top of the regular July increase, on the 1st December each year from 2012 through to 2020.

This makes a huge difference to worker’s pay – on current rates an early career Social Worker is better off by approximately $13,161 because of the ASU Equal Pay Case. And a mid career Community Development Worker is better off by approximately $16,811.

But you will only get full benefit of the ASU’s Equal Pay Case if you are on the appropriate band for your work and receiving the correct rate of pay.

ASU organisers and senior officials have been visiting many workplaces over the last couple of months and one of the most commonly asked questions is about band levels and pay rates.

It is really important that you know what band you are being paid at and what your classification is.

You should be able to tell from your payslip what your classification is under the Social, Community Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award (SCHADS) as well as under the Social and Community Services Award (otherwise known as the Pre-Modern Award).

If this information is not shown on your payslip you should email payroll and ask for information on your classification to be provided.

You are entitled to know the classification you are on so that you can check that you are receiving the correct pay rate.

If you have a dispute about pay rates the first information we will need to assist you is details of your work and pay. So make sure that you keep good records of the shifts you work, the rosters you are on, and you payslips.

If you believe you have been underpaid contact your ASU organiser or the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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