The ASU recently wrote to political candidates in all Tasmanian electorates, calling on them to support policy positions that ensure workers in our sector are protected.

In particular, we asked for a commitment that local councils, forced to freeze rates during the COVID pandemic, and encouraged to take on loans, would not be pushed into amalgamation by stealth.

We asked for a commitment to provide greater financial support to Tasmanian councils as they recover from the pandemic, with no financial pressure to amalgamate; because workers shouldn’t pay for the recovery with their jobs.

Further, we called on all parties to commit to:

  • The establishment of a portable long service leave scheme for workers in Tasmania’s Social and Community Services sector.
  • Supporting the Unions Tasmania call for a Gender Equality Act and Commissioner to oversee the implementation of the ‘Respect@Work’ recommendations that are State focussed.
  • The holding of public estimates hearing for Tasmania’s local councils, to hold them to account and to ensure public funds are being spent in a way that maximises job growth and service provision.
  • A total block on privatisation of Tasmanian public services.  This includes outsourcing, offshoring, social impact bonds, marketisation and corporatisation and using labour-hire instead of direct employment.

The events of the last year have highlighted like never before the importance of well-funded public services and good quality secure jobs to Tasmania’s economy. This election is a chance for all parties to commit to a better future for Tasmanian workers.

We have received some positive responses and will be pursuing these claims throughout the life of the new Tasmanian parliament.

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