On Thursday night delegates in Early Learning across local government met via Microsoft Teams to discuss how their centres are managing during this time, and to share concerns in their workplaces.

Delegates confirmed their Councils are financially struggling due to inadequate State and Federal funding, including Family Day Care.

The ASU continues to advocate for better funding in Local Government.

Delegates across several Councils said that they have had an increase in enrolments since childcare has become free, this is positive however it is becoming increasingly challenging for the centre staff to meet the requirements under the DHHS guidelines.

Educators are expected to do these tasks and it is difficult while meeting their responsibilities for the children they care for. Deep cleaning of surfaces and toys should be done regularly, ideally every 2 hours by additional staff.

Please raise these issues with your Health and Safety Rep, ASU delegate and management. We are encouraging Councils who are no longer using casual staff to consider re-engaging casual relief staff to assist with cleaning.

Overall, it seems that PPE is being given to staff, as well as support for older workers or those with vulnerable health conditions.

To date, we have only had a few responses from CEOs, which were positive.

What’s next?

  1. Members and delegates are asked to talk about what the ASU is doing and encourage non-members to join. Contact HSRs- know who they are and keep in touch with them about any OHS issues
  2. Does your centre have an ASU Delegate? If not, and you want to become a delegate please get in touch with hdavies@asuvictas.com.au
  3. Next Childcare member meeting will be set up in a few weeks with details to come.

The ASU, as always, is BY YOU SIDE

Know someone that is not a member? Pass this on to a non-member and ask them to join the ASU at https://www.asu.asn.au/asujoin

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