ASU delegates and representatives are pleased to inform members that we have reached “in principle” agreement for the new EBA.

Since out last bulletin, we were waiting for management to confirm Long Service Leave portability with other Community Health organisations in the original Multi Employer Agreement.

As EACH had withdrawn from that agreement, the ASU insisted that members at EACH be no worse off as a result. Management have now negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 19 other CHC’s for portability of LSL.

Schedule A – List of Employers who have signed MOU with EACH

  1. Access Health and Community
  2. Ballarat Community Health
  3. Bellarine Community Health
  4. Bendigo Community Health
  5. Castlemaine District Community Health
  6. Central Bayside Community Health
  7. Cobaw Community Health
  8. cohealth
  9. Your Community Health (formely Darebin Community Health)
  10. Gippsland Lakes Community Health
  11. Inspiro
  12. IPC Health (formerly ISIS Primary Care)
  13. Merri Health
  14. Nexus Primary Health
  15. Northern District Community Health
  16. Primary Care Connect
  17. Star Health Group Limited
  18. Sunbury Community Health
  19. Sunraysia Community Health Centre

Unfortunately there are 11 CHC’s who did not agree.

These CHC’s are Banyule CHC, Carrington CHC, Connect Health, DPV Dianella and Plenty Valley CHC, Gateway Wodonga, Health Ability Nilumbik, Latrobe CHC, Link Health and North Richmond CHC.

In response to these 11 services not signing the MOU,  discussions were held with delegates and the ASU proposed to management that the following paragraph be included in the Long Service Leave clause 45.1.1 – “An Employee shall be entitled to long service leave in respect of continuous service with one and the same Employer or service with Employers listed in Schedule A in accordance with this clause.

“Where an employee is transferring to or from  a CHC who is not listed in Appendix A, EACH will make every endeavour to negotiate a transfer of LSL entitlements on behalf of the member, if the member requests.”

In  correspondence last week, management agreed stating “EACH have agreed to the inclusion of the proposed wording with respect to long service leave.  Therefore, I understand we have now reached agreement on all outstanding matters.”

Next Steps Vote, then approval from Fair Work Commission
Management will be holding information sessions across EACH in March 2019 to inform all staff about the new proposed agreement. The ASU will be attending and will be available for further discussion or to answer questions if required.

A ballot will be held for all employees covered by the agreement. The ASU are supporting all members voting yes to this agreement. To get employee approval, the organisation requires 50% plus 1 of all votes cast to vote Yes.

The ASU encourage ALL MEMBERS to cast a vote and to vote Yes.

The agreement is then sent to the FWC for approval, and to check it meets the Better Off Overall Test.

Recap of Benefits won;

Wage Increases – Clause 20
The most significant change you will notice when the proposed agreement is circulated is the new Wages clause, which incorporates the two payments from July and December into one payment in July.

This means that in the first pay period after July 1st you will receive the Fair Work minimum adjustment (3.5% in 2018) plus the December ERO payment (between 2.5 – 5% depending on classification).

You will also see new pay points in some classifications which will allow members to receive extra annual increments when successful performance appraisals are achieved.

Family Violence best practice clause 53
The ASU has strongly negotiated for EACH to incorporate the ASU Family Violence clause, which includes support for victims who voluntarily disclose DV to their employer, up to 20 days paid leave for a range of reasons such as medical and/or legal appointments, time to relocate the family home, no adverse action against an individual for time lost and time off to access support services.  The clause is comprehensive and includes safety around confidentiality within the workplace, and individual practical support from a senior officer.

Transition to Retirement – clause 17
Employees aged 55 or over, who have indicated their intention to retire within the next five years from their Employer may participate in a retirement transition arrangement.

Casual Conversion – clause 15.4
Where a casual Employee has been rostered on a regular and systematic basis over 26 weeks and provided that the rostering pattern is not replacing an employee on an absence (including but not limited to  parental leave, long service leave, workers compensation leave and personal/carer’s leave) or flexible working arrangement, either the Employer or Employee has the right to request in writing the conversion to permanent full-time or part-time employment and that request will not be unreasonably refused by either party.

Accrued Days Off – Clause 31.7
A full-time Employee will be entitled to five accrued days off in each twenty week period, which will be nominated by the Employer, in accordance with the rostering provisions of this clause.

If you have any information or wish to discuss the contents on this bulletin, please contact one of your ASU Delegates, Stephen Mason, Sue Bentley or Catherine Jackson, or call ASU Organiser Merri Blair on 0458 884503 or email

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