The ASU is continuing to advocate for local government workers’ voices to be heard in the Future of Local Government Review. Although we welcome the significant union win, with the government ruling out forced mergers, the review is continuing and questions about centralised services that may take jobs and decision making away from local communities remain.  

The review has not addressed the real challenges in local government and the critical need for a workforce plan to address wages and conditions and skill shortages. Please help us determine next steps by encouraging everyone in your workplace to participate in the ASU survey. The timeframe is short; please note survey responses should be gathered by 28 July to allow the feedback to be compiled.  

The ASU has written to all general managers and mayors and requested time to hear from workers in Community Hearing Council sessions occurring in August. You can view the letter here.

The board’s protocols can be viewed here. The only time for workers are allocated a voice is in the 15 minutes afforded to the Australian Services Union at the Organisation and Peak Body session. We remain hopeful some workplaces will also enable your voices to be heard within council specific sessions and will keep you updated.  

Getting the views of your workplace

Dot points on what’s happened and where we are at are attached here 

Will you join us on August 9 in Campbell Town with other ASU delegates? Contact your local ASU organiser or RSVP to 

ASU can assist with travel arrangements if needed and to negotiate release from your workplace.  

What else can I do?  

There is power in a union. And there is no more important time to encourage your colleagues to join. They can join online here or you can download and print a membership form for them here. 

For more information please contact:
Your ASU local organiser or ASU Tasmanian coordinator Samantha Batchelor | | 0459 228 612 

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