On October  24 ASU member Shirraze formally nominated to become an ASU delegate at JSS

As a member of the ASU, you are invited to participate in a vote.  

Please provide any objections or support for this nomination by emailing Shane Lumsden by close of business December 1.

If there is a majority of support for the nomination, Shirraze will be declared elected as an ASU delegate. 

What do delegates do?
ASU delegates are the essential link between ASU members at each workplace and the broader union. Effective delegates identify issues and provide information to officials of our union make sure members’ rights and conditions are protected.

Delegates provide representation, support and advice to members and build the union by providing information and raising awareness of union issues with staff. An ASU delegate is your representative, elected by you.

For further information please contact:
Shane LumsdenSlumsden@asuvictas.com.au  | 0488243858 

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