It took some embarrassing media coverage, but the Government and DoT have belatedly decided to come clean about their plans for the future of R&L, and start talking to the Union about what might happen. ASU officials had an initial discussion today with Department of Transport officials to discuss the announcement about the future of R&L.

They did not share anything that wasn’t in the Treasurer’s Press Release, and we have been adamant that genuine consultation occurs straight away. As such, we have requested the following:

  • That members’ meetings occur across key R&L worksites, and that staff are provided full and unobstructed access to these meetings
  • ASU delegates to receive paid time release for all meetings related to this matter
  • The terms of reference for the KPMG review
  • That the ASU is consulted as part of that review
  • Clarification on what will the consultative process be from here on in
  • Updated data on the number of Vicroads staff and the number of agency staff, and conversion details

We expect responses to our requests within a few days, and those responses will determine whether the Government and DoT are serious about consulting with us about this.

In the meantime, the ASU is seriously concerned about the possibility of greater private sector involvement in VicRoads Registration and Licensing. 

More private sector involvement in public services is unpopular with workers because it inevitably leads to job cuts, lower wages, and poorer working conditions. More private sector involvement also leads to worse outcomes for all who have to interact with privatised services.

This week the future of public sector jobs at VicRoads has been raised in the Victorian Parliament and in the media. 

And the ASU has been outspoken about the importance of public services being delivered by workers directly employed by the Victorian Government.

The Age, ‘Disaster’: Union boss slams private sector involvement in VicRoads

Herald Sun, Private sector options on the table to fix car registration

You have an important part to play in defending jobs at VicRoads

Industrially, the ASU has have reserved our right to escalate this to dispute to the Fair Work Commission should they try to give us the run-around.

We will provide updates to members as soon as they come to hand, as well as a schedule of members meetings.

Meanwhile, we all have a part to play in maximising pressure on the Andrews Government to reject the idea of greater private sector involvement in VicRoads. To help us build our collective voice we want to know what part you can play.

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