These are challenging times without a doubt.

As always the ASU team in Tasmania are actively assisting our members ( all be it remotely ) to ensure that their rights at work are protected through this crisis and that all employers in our areas of coverage are providing their workers with every possible support.

We know that the option for workers to be able to work from home where possible is a vital step in flattening the curve so the ASU have worked hard to ensure that our members at Anglicare are supported to be able to work from home if their role permits and they wish to do so.

We are pleased that Anglicare have now agreed to implement a process that will allow this to occur while at the same time ensuring that staffing levels allow Anglicare offices to remain open.

We have also been in discussion around the implementation of additional measures to ensure that the workers who remain in the workplace remain as safe as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding issues related to COVID-19 or any other workplace matter please contact ASU Social and Community Services Coordinator Kath Milbourne on 0429 004 237 or

Please share this bulletin with your colleagues.

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