ASU members in residential out of home care, and other roles with children and young people in state care, tend to be very aware of the associated risks involved in this kind of work.

Risks include occupational violence and getting caught up in reportable conduct investigations.

Every week the ASU supports members involved in reportable conduct investigations, which often are unfounded, but are always extremely stressful and traumatic for the members involved.

ASU involvement in these matters tends to be quite intensive, starting with internal investigations, and following through to Suitability Panels. This tribunal exists to make determinations on quality of care investigations, in some particular situations.

For ASU members who find themselves in these situations, the ASU provides assistance throughout the investigation process, including industrial representation and assistance in drafting responses, as well as support and guidance through what can be one of the most stressful periods of a worker’s career.

The ASU has excellent success in defending members in these situations and has had some good member wins at the Suitability Panel recently.

We have also had some excellent outcomes earlier on in the process where allegations are unsubstantiated at an internal organisational level without being referred through CIMS and DHHS.

Where possible, this is the best possible outcome for members and prevents an enormous amount of stress and trauma from occurring.

If you find yourself involved in a reportable conduct investigation of any kind, it is important to call the ASU as soon as possible so that we can arrange prompt and appropriate assistance to guide you through it.

It might just be career-saving.

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