Public Housing Lockdown
ASU community sector members recently expressed their deep concern about the “hard lockdown” of the public housing towers in North Melbourne and Flemington. A motion passed at that meeting can be found here.

Yesterday DHHS gave a briefing about the public housing towers in north Melbourne and other public housing estates across Melbourne. The key points were;

  1. The only tower that remains in hard lockdown is the one in Alfred St North Melbourne. A decision about how and when residents in that tower will “transition” from the hard lockdown will be made today or tomorrow.
  2. Residents in Alfred St have been offered the option of being relocated to a hotel. Few have taken up the option.
  3. DHHS assured participants on the hook up that residents are getting access to food, medical, educational and AOD needs. They also stated that they have made interpreter services more widely available.
  4. There are 32 similar public housing towers across Melbourne and DHHS have stated that they have increased cleaning at each of these towers and are sourcing and distributing face masks for residents. They say that they have also increased cleaning at walk-up residential estates.

Recent COVID-19 case spikes in towers in Carlton have not been met with the same heavy-handed response as residents at the North Melbourne and Flemington towers endured. It is hoped that this is a sign that Victorian authorities have listened to the concerns from residents and others about the way that lockdown was handled and have a better balance about the way to deal with this complicated fast-moving pandemic, and the rights public housing residents have to feel safe in their homes.

As more information becomes available the ASU will keep you informed.

DDHS Guidance for Personal protective equipment (PPE) for community service providers
The link below contains DHHS COVID-19 information for community services providers. It especially applies to those providers who work in disability services, out of home care residential services, family violence and sexual assault services, child and family services, child protection or other essential community (non-health) services.

Please note that this advice is general advice provided by DDHS for community sector providers and that you may have stricter OH&S protocols that may be in force in your workplace to deal with any specific OH&S challenges you may face.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for community service providers for prevention of COVID-19 (Word)

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