The ASU needs to know your views on dealing with workplace bullying at City of Greater Geelong. To do this we have created a survey for all staff at CoGG to fill out, which you can complete here 

The results of this survey will shape our position on a better system for dealing with bullying at CoGG, which we will then push CEO Martin Cutter to support and implement.

There is a Consultative Committee meeting on Thursday 13 June where we will hopefully have enough early responses to provide some indicative feedback, and respond to Mr Cutter more comprehensively when the survey has concluded, so please fill it out today!

A third public meeting to update and hear from members will also be happening soon, and we need you to come along and show your support for all council workers in Geelong.

The details are:

DATE: Tuesday 25 June
5:30 pm
Geelong Trades Hall Council

BBQ food provided

At the last public meeting ASU Delegates and Officials reported back on progress around the matters previously raised with CEO Martin Cutter. Information and action from members like you is driving the results we’ve started to see, and we need this to increase if we’re going to see real action taken at CoGG to improve the culture!

The ASU believes in genuine consultation. Effectively dealing with the growing avalanche of issues being raised around bullying at CoGG starts with listening to the workers who are most affected.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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