ASU delegates and officials have been busy over the last couple of weeks advocating for better outcomes for you! 

Here’s a snapshot of the action: 

  1. Action Against Budget Cuts! 

The ASU and Geelong Trades Hall worked together to hold a great rally on Saturday bringing workers, supporters and the community to stand together against council budget cuts.  

ASU members from Geelong Regional Libraries, COGG, Wyndham, Colac Otway, Moorabool and community sector workplaces all joined to hear speakers from the library campaigners, ASU, GTHC, Council Watch and more! 

A loud march down Pakington Street got the attention of media 

We fronted up to the budget meeting on Tuesday night and asked questions, to hold council accountable – you can read the Qs 9, 10 and 11 here. 

While the budget was voted up by all but one councillor, we’ve made it clear all eyes are on council leadership to hold them to their promises. 

And we condemn their actions, noting they have not adequately responded to how they will hold council officers accountable on a range of matters from labour hire and agency usage to discretionary budget cuts. 

Remember: council elections in 2024. If you’re not happy – Vote them Out! 

  1. Agency / Labour Hire Usage  

The ASU has the first batch of info from a FOI response on labour hire and agency usage. 

Shockingly this shows at least a $36 million cost between 2017-2022, with at least $9 million going to providers not workers. 

The ASU is seeking accountability on this from councillors and council officers and expects that in SR Consultative Committee council starts to cough up these figures. 

  1. Change Review Sub-Committee & City Works “Tiered Service Delivery” 

Council has begun discussions with ASU delegates and officials on the change proposed to occur around Tiered Service Delivery. 

We have made it abundantly clear we will not engage further until agreed terms are in place about how council and the union engage on this. 

This is to save poor communication, mixed messages, jargon and confusion going to members. 

We will update and share the agreed terms once they have been finalised. 

Council has flagged City Works as the pilot for this change, hold tight while we get agreement about the process in place, so we can make sure the same mistakes aren’t made over and over, like we’ve seen with Community Life and other areas. 

If you have a query about any of the above, please contact your local ASU delegate or ASU lead organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio or the ASU Contact Centre 1300 855 750 / 

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