The ASU accepts that climate change is occurring and believes practical action must be planned and taken to assist union members, and the industries they work in, prepare for the likely future

As a union, we have a vital role to play in campaigning for greener politics, working with employers to make workplaces more sustainable, and informing members of global warming issues.

Our members work in a wide range of jobs that have direct environmental roles in parks, energy and water, environment agencies, environmental health, transport, cleansing, waste recycling and planning.

We are currently working to establish an ASU Climate Action and Sustainability Network

Through our network of members, there will be opportunities to get involved at your workplace and campaigning at local, regional and national level.

Like all workers, ASU members have an interest in climate change, and how it will affect our workplaces, our quality of life and our communities.

What you can do…

Join ASU Climate Action and Sustainability Network here

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