ASU Office and Delegates met with management of City-Works last week.

We discussed and clarified the following matters which members have raised.

Work Officer Positions.

All other PDs remain as they are that are presently filled, you cannot be forced or requested to change over to a work officers’ position.

If a present position becomes vacant COGG can fill that position with work officer PD.

Trial on working one up.

This trial is continuing in consultation with the workgroup and HSRs and OHS Dept who are working through all risk assessments and SOPs.

Vacant positions.

Due to the number of staff on long term personal Leave, A/L, LSL, these positions can only be filled temporarily until they become vacant, then the normal recruitment process applies.

Fleet Vehicles laid up at depots.

Management has admitted that sometimes Fleet vehicles are temporarily laid up, the reason for this happening is a number of staff are on extended leave and no other staff are trained up to fill these temporary positions, COGG has committed to training up staff to fill in when needed for these positions, COGG has also committed to not using external contractors when they have the resources to complete these tasks and want to see all existing fleet fully utilised with COGG employees.

Corio, Belmont, Drysdale Depots new Delegates needed.

Now is the time for members to step up and get elected to the delegates role at the three depots as the union is underrepresented at the EBA and SRCC meetings.

If you are interested, please contact Sean McCourt on 0419 506 178 or

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