The ASU and ASU Delegates have been continuing to negotiate in good faith with the City of Melbourne Management. We have had 5 EBA meetings so far.

City of Melbourne have rejected the majority of the ASU claims on the grounds of cost and that some of the ASU claims exist in policy form which sit outside of the present agreement.

The ASU have requested that these policies be referenced in applicable clauses into the agreement, and then members will know that they can access these entitlements, such as Flexible working arrangements and Transition to retirement.

ASU have also tabled claims regarding:

  • a more accountable transparent consultation committee that operates in line with the objectives and the functions of the committee
  • the removal of the part-time employees working irregular hour’s clause
  • a more acceptable clause that gives more job security to all permanent part-time employees with no more zero hour contracts.
  • a new casual conversion clause after 6 months service you can request full-time part-time employment.

City of Melbourne has proposed changes to clause 28 Redundancy which would in effect put more restrictions on an employee who at present chooses to take a Redundancy rather than redeployment options. COM says this strengthens their commitment to continued employment. These proposed changes will have a big impact on members’ terms and conditions.

The ASU are not against suitable redeployment and continued employment but employees should be able to make that choice as they do at present. COM is proposing putting more restrictions in the present clauses whereby if you don’t accept redeployment on their terms you could possible forfeit any redundancy entitlements.

COM has proposed a 2% pay increase each year for the three year agreement 6% in total.

The last EBA increases were 7.5% over the three year agreement

They call it strong wage growth, the ASU call it an insult to the hard work done by employees especially when you look at the remuneration packages that the CEO, Directors and Senior Managers receive.

How much money have they spent on legal fees and payouts during the recent fiascos at COM?

The ASU claim is 3.5% pay increase for each year of the agreement, 10.5 % in total for three year agreement.

Via the last agreement COM have divided their employees by enforcing a two tier wage system with no transparency and at management’s discretion to appoint new staff on Minimum Class wage rates with no further increments, also with the grandfathering of redundancy provisions.

ASU will update members as negotiations continue with further newsletter updates.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Sean Mc Court | 0419 506 178 |

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