As usual it’s been a busy time at CoGG for ASU Delegates and Officials, who have been working hard to protect and improve the rights of ASU members across Council.

ASU Bullying Survey
The ASU CoGG Bullying Survey has now been closed and we’re collating the responses. We will distribute a report to members and CoGG management soon.

Thanks to all those members who filled out the survey, your information will be crucial in making sure any new processes are in the best interests of ASU members at CoGG!

Consultative Committees
ASU Officials represented you at these consultative committees in October:
2/10: SRCC (minutes attached)
17/10: Community Care (minutes attached)
22/10: City Works (minutes attached)
30/10: SRCC

If there is anything from these meetings that you want to know more about get in touch with the relevant ASU Delegate or Organiser (details in the minutes).

Consultative committee meetings are held every month in City Works, Parks, Community Care and Family Services, as well as the SRCC. If you want something raised contact your local delegate.

Remaining 2019 ASU Delegate meetings will be on:

  • Wednesday 27 November
  • Wednesday 18 December

Update on Issues raised with the CEO
The ASU wrote to and met with CoGG CEO Martin Cutter in May 2019 outlining six broad areas of concern the Union needed to see addressed:

  1. Provide a list of non-permanent positions currently at CoGG
    Improvements to this are ongoing. The excessive use of 12-month contracts has reduced significantly throughout Council, but has not stopped yet. Make sure you let your Delegate know if you are aware of any roles being wrongly advertised as 12-month contracts.
  2. Provide a list of plant being unutilised
    CoGG have not provided this. The issue is ongoing.
  3. Remove the 2-week cap on donated sick leave
    The ASU is continuing to work with CoGG on a better and fairer system, and around commitments that staff disadvantaged by the previous cap are compensated. Despite us pushing the issue there are still outstanding cases that have been waiting months for CoGG to adequately address. The ASU continues to hound Council to resolve these ASAP.
  4. Establish a working group to address the bullying culture pervading CoGG
    The SRCC is doing this and we have seen positive signs. The ASU and CoGG are collaboratively developing new systems to address bullying complaints which will be implemented soon.
  5. Remind managers of the rights and protections held by ASU Delegates
    The ASU takes a zero tolerance approach to discrimination against Union Delegates, and we have shown CoGG that we will act swiftly wherever we suspect this is happening.
  6. Support ASU Delegates to have monthly paid meetings
    ASU Delegates meetings and all consultative committee meetings now occur monthly.

A meeting is being scheduled for late November 2019 between Mr Cutter and ASU Branch Secretary Lisa Darmanin. As always your Delegates will be in the room to hold the CEO to account.

If you are interested in becoming an ASU Delegate please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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