November was a month of ups and downs at CoGG, with good outcomes in some areas but frustration in others.

Donated Sick Leave
ASU members who attended our City Hall rallies earlier this year will be familiar with previous CoGG management arbitrarily capping donated sick leave.

Through those rallies the ASU got the cap removed, but this still left some staff (one in particular) disadvantaged.

The ASU can report that after months of pursuing the leave for this member, CoGG has agreed to provide back-payment to that employee for the additional 8 weeks they hadn’t received.

Consultative Committees
Since our last update, ASU Officials represented you at these consultative committees:

  • 19/11: City Works Consultative Committee *(see notes below)
  • 21/11: Home Care Consultative Committee
  • 5/12: SRCC (minutes / agenda)

Consultative committee meetings are held every month. If you want something raised contact your local ASU delegate.

City Services Consultative Committee (CSCC)
The CSCC is a collaborative group set up almost two decades ago by the ASU and CoGG to resolve issues in City Services.

Months ago CoGG management proposed ‘splitting’ the CSCC; one for City Works, the other for Parks & Gardens. The ASU cautiously agreed to this on the basis that it would begin as a trial.

When the ASU attended the City Works meeting we found it was actually a brand new group set up without consultation, with no involvement of the previous CSCC and with a far larger list of attendees, many of whom have told the ASU they’d just been “told to attend”.

The ASU has since written to CoGG management (a copy of the emails can be found here) to explain our concerns and call on a suspension of the new committees while the existing one is consulted.

We’re all for improved consultation but it must be genuine and collaborative. So far what we’ve seen here is the “our way or the highway” approach that pervaded CoGG for so long, and which we’re all trying to evolve from!

We’ll keep you updated as this unfolds as we continue to push for genuine consultation at CoGG.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry |

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