The ASU’s team of Tasmanian organisers was recently in the north west of the state campaigning on the ACTU For The Workers campaign.

From the south and north they made the trip to speak with workers in Latrobe, Devonport, Sheffield, Burnie and Wynyard.

Meeting with council employees, they discussed the importance of a worker-led recovery and the relevance to the ASU’s campaign to significantly reduce the number of casual and labour-hire staff that Councils employ in Tasmania.

We had some really good conversations with both members and non-members at councils, dropped dozens of flyers on the vehicles of workers we didn’t get to see and participated in wobble boarding activities with other unions at major intersections in Devonport and Launceston.

Workers in North West Tasmania have done it tough during their outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year. They are the ones who carried us through, putting themselves and their families at risk while providing the services that were so desperately needed.

They deserve secure jobs and decent pay rises; not contracting out of Council services and wage freezes. We can’t have an economic recovery without them.

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