ASU called a meeting for members and potential members in Libraries and Customer Service on Tuesday 8thFebruary. The changes in these departments are causing a great deal of stress, anger and confusion. Members reported that some workers are crying at work and that some want to withdraw from the trial and go on strike. This situation on top of delivering services in a global pandemic is too much pressure.

ASU called an urgent meeting with management for Wednesday 9 February. We sent two Organisers to send the message that this is a crisis. The issues we raised were:

  1. Staffing Levels: no staff to cover breaks, back office, critical incidents  or act as covid concierge
  2. Shutting branches in afternoons, evenings, weekends
  3. Programs cut back
  4. Unreasonable training loads
  5. Position descriptions not reflecting library work
  6. Staff pressured into accepting new job titles and position descriptions
  7. Banding discrepancies between Library and CSO work
  8. Roster Review Communication and Timeline
  9. Leadership & Support eg  access to Branch Co-ordinators
  10. Pressure from ELT to reduce collection sizes
  11. Lack of communication about the basis for change
  12. Lack of clear evaluation of the Altona North pilot
  13. Resignations from these departments.

What’s next?

Our union is proud to announce that three members bravely nominated to become union delegates:

NEWPORT LIBRARY: Soula Sapounakis

They join our CSO Delegate Toni Jones and Library Delegate Nick Tome.

We are contacting management seven days after the meeting to pursue a fairer way forward. This is a huge issue and we will continue to fight for a better deal.

Consider forwarding this email to a workmate who is not yet a member of our union. It’s easy for anyone to join the ASU online at

For more information, please contact
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor |
ASU Library Campaign Organiser Will Wyatt |

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