The ASU has recently been in dispute with Brimbank City Council in relation to the start times for Cleansing members at Keilor depot. 

Under the Enterprise Agreement, Brimbank is obliged to conduct a vote of effected staff to determine start times – and abide by the majority decision. 

For four months management at the depot has refused to conduct this vote as we worked through the dispute resolution process. 

Thanks to the tireless work of your ASU delegates, Shannon and Howie, Brimbank finally decided to do the right thing before the matter got to the Fair Work Commission. 

A vote was called and Brimbank abided by the majority decision to allow staff to start at 5.30am. 

For further information, reach out to your ASU delegates Shannon James or Howard Phillips. 

By encouraging your workmates to join the ASU we will have a stronger voice for workers at Brimbank City Council. It is easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at 

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