Over the last year, thousands of members of ASU have relied on our union like never before.

Our priorities responding to the Covid-19 pandemic were very clear, keeping members working so they could bring home a wage, and keeping workplaces safe.

When local government employers tried to stand down hundreds of workers unnecessarily,  we used our union’s collective strength to stop thousands of workers from being stood down.  We negotiated with employers, lobbied politicians, and went to Fair Work so members could keep working.

In the social and community services sector, our advocacy across the sector kept workers safe and advanced the interests of workers and the people who rely on the essential services you provide. We used the DHHS Covid Dispute Resolution Process to protect members interests and was there when the safety of workers was put at risk. And despite the enormous pressure on workers in the sector, we were still able to come together in the interest of vulnerable people to have a strong public position on the hard lockdown of public housing tower blocks. And we were successful in lobbying the federal government for funding of the final Equal Pay increase.

While the Covid-19 pandemic and successive lockdowns dominated our work in Victoria, we were still working for ASU members in Tasmania. New enterprise agreements were negotiated, member activism increased, and we grew our union across the state.

To keep delivering the essential industrial representation, advocacy and specialist advice members need, the Branch Executive has approved a small increase in union dues of 50 cents per week. This increase will take effect from 1 July 2021. Importantly, many members can almost completely eliminate the small impact of this increase by changing the way you pay your union dues. If you currently pay your ASU membership by payroll deduction, you could reduce the cost of membership by changing your method of payment to direct debit. The union applies a 3% discount to membership fees paid through direct debit and it’s easy to switch by completing this form and emailing it to membership@asuvictas.com.au. With the end of the financial year approaching, remember that your union membership is tax-deductible. This can reduce the tax you pay by hundreds of dollars each year.

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