The past year has been a very busy time for the ASU.

Our members have fought for their wages, rights, and conditions across both Tasmania and Victoria, with protected action at a number of sites and looming action at others.

The issues of council amalgamation and potential job losses across Tasmania are very real issues, while in Victoria the decision to cut in-home care services is having an impact on communities everywhere.

But the union is winning battles for its members, and recent action has had positive results. Our membership is continually pushing for improvements to EBAs in both states, and our delegates our out in workplaces raising awareness and support constantly.

To keep delivering this essential industrial representation, advocacy and specialist advice members need, the Branch Executive has approved a slight increase in union dues of between 45 and 50 cents per week maximum. This increase is pro rata for those earning less and will take effect from 1 July 2023. Importantly, for most members, this small rise is well below the rate of inflation.

If you currently pay your ASU membership by payroll deduction, you could reduce the cost of membership by changing your method of payment to direct debit. The union applies a 3% discount to membership fees paid through direct debit, and it’s easy to switch by completing this form and emailing it to With the end of the financial year approaching, remember your union membership is tax-deductible. This can reduce the tax you pay by hundreds of dollars each year.

Victoria rates

  • 30+ hours: 50cents per week- pro rata for members working and earning less as below.
  • 20-29 hours: 40 cents per week
  • 10-19 hours and family day carers: 30 cents per week
  • Less than 10 hours per week, school crossing supervisors, apprentices, and trainees: 20 cents per week
  • Associate: 15 cents per week

Tas Rates

  • Over $24,000 per annum: 45 cents per week
  • $21,580-$24,000 per annum:35 cents per week
  • $16,000- $21,579 per annum: 25 cents per week
  • Less than $16,000: 20 cents per week
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