The ASU met with management on Wednesday 17 February to respond on your behalf to the pay offer.

We told them 3 key things:

We explained that you reject the 1% pay deal, you expect back pay to July 1 2020. We also said that you were willing to discuss pay of 2% or CPI whichever is greater from 1 July 2020.

Management Response: Their Consultant said he doesn’t think you as workers understand the impact of Covid on the business. We said that you do because you delivered services every day during Covid.

We explained that as always you expect them to go up with the pay increases.

Management Response: Their Consultant said that freezing allowances isn’t a cut. We said that it is.

Working from Home
We explained that you have had to pay bigger bills for electricity and that implementing Share Point has been stressful – the system took a long time to work smoothly.

Management Response: Their Consultant said you cannot put Work from Home in an Agreement. We read out clause 20.2 of your current EA that is a Work From Home clause that Fair Work approved in 2017. We then said we want to improve it.

What’s next?
We will schedule a Teams meeting with you. We will meet with management again on March 3. Keep sending your ideas to

We are stronger together. Ask your colleagues to join online today:

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