Following last week’s debacle in which transferring staff were asked to decide about their future with no relevant information, the ASU sought an urgent listing at the Fair Work Commission.

That conference was held today before Commissioner McKinnon, and the following outcome was reached:

  • CFA has postponed the deadline for Category A staff to seek a review until COB tomorrow (Tuesday 16 June)
  • CFA has postponed the deadline for Category B staff to nominate their preference until COB tomorrow (Tuesday 16 June)
  • CFA and MFB had committed that the roles, position descriptions, and work locations of transferring staff will remain unchanged on transfer. These will then be reviewed at some point in the future as part of a ‘harmonisation process’ within FRV
  • CFA will provide the details of the review process to staff today
  • CFA and ASU will meet at 9:30 tomorrow to discuss outstanding issues

This represents some improvement to this process, but it is still a long way short of fairness. We will continue to explore our options on this.

We remind members that if you feel that this process has not been fair, or that you have not been provided adequate information, it is open to you to initiate a dispute under the Disputes clause in your CFA PTA Enterprise Agreement.

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For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Matt Price | 0407 362 764 |

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