On Wednesday 8 December 2021 the ASU held the ‘Aged Care in Council Webinar: Challenges and Opportunities” with Councillors across 23 councils.

Councillors heard from Gabrielle Meagher, Emeritus Professor, who gave a thorough industry overview looking at the possibilities for council growth within the Home Care Package sector and highlighted the important role local government in Victoria has to play in delivering care.

Steve Staikos, current Mayor of Kingston City Council, emphasised their council’s commitment to protecting the interests of their community by continuing to provide aged care. He detailed the growth that AccessCare, their council-owned Not-For-Profit delivering the care, has seen as a result of clients committed to staying with council, despite competition from multinational providers.

And lastly, they heard from a client, who after being forced from council to a Not-For-Profit provider earlier this year gave testimonial to never knowing who is coming to the house, not being able to contact the organisation to make complaints and the severe lack of training by carers including the presence of people on work for the dole.

The webinar was hugely popular and gave a productive counterpoint to the fatalism frequently associated with council based aged care. Councillors have requested an additional webinar be run next year.

A recording of the webinar can be found here.

Gabrielle Meagher’s slides can also be found here.

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