Thanks to those that attended the Council meeting on 11th April in person and online, it paid off as one Councillors moved a motion to amend the meeting rules to allow ASU to speak and provide information to, and answer questions from, the Councillors.

Councillors then voted on an in-principal decision to not continue with the services, instead of voting on a definite decision. This was the method reached as part of an agreement between ASU and Council at Fair Work Conciliation on 8th April while we await the decision of the arbitration.

It was a close vote with 4 Councillors voting against, 5 voted in support and 1 had a conflict of interest so did not vote.

While still not the result we wanted, this level of support for our position was a huge, unexpected turnaround! We have also been contacted by several relatives of affected clients and had more media coverage, but we need to keep pressure on. You can do this by sharing the petition with colleagues, family, and friends.

Sign the petition now to show Boroondara City Council we don’t want aged care to be privatised.

The arbitration previously scheduled for 21st and 22nd April had to be rescheduled for 27th April at 10am.

We will keep you updated so watch your email inbox or phone for future updates.

By encouraging your workmates to join the ASU we will have a stronger voice for workers at Boroondara City Council. It is easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at

For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
ASU Industry Organiser Emma Bagg | 0499 250 030 |
ASU Campaign Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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