The ASU met with Council on April 5 as part of Fair Work conciliation outcome discussions so Council could provide insight into their proposal being presented to Councillors, and opportunity for ASU to provide any final feedback the proposal to be added before it’s submitted to the Councillors.

The ASU weren’t satisfied, so requested urgent conciliation to be reconvened. Conciliation was held April 8. Our concerns remain unresolved so the matter will now proceed to arbitration listed for 21-22 April, which gives the Fair Work Commission power to make a ruling that is binding by all parties.

We must keep the pressure on Council and as many people as possible to attend tonight’s Council meeting which starts at 6.30pm. It is a public meeting held in person at Council Chambers, 8 Ingelsby Road, Camberwell. The ASU will meet you out the front at 6pm.

We got some good media about your dispute, including Cr Addis stating she hadn’t met with union representatives but was unsure if she had received any requests, or was the right council representative.

This is a blatant untruth. We wrote to Cr Addis on 16 March, requesting to brief her and other councillors. On 21 April Cr Addis advised she was respectfully declining our invitation to meet and for the ASU to work with Council’s administration. See attached email.

We wrote a further letter to Cr Addis today, see here.

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Sign the petition now and let’s show the Boroondara City Council that we don’t want aged care to be privatised in our community.

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