The ASU is by your side at CCL and across Victoria to make sure that everyone is healthy, safe and paid during the pandemic.

Workplaces must review and revise systems of work more often than usual. Our advice is based on principles and laws that are constant.

  1. Can we work safely with the community?
    The best answer is to find a cure and eliminate COVID. Every employer MUST take reasonable and practical measures to prevent you from being exposed to the virus until then. Reasonable measures include engineering physical barriers (i.e. screens), isolating workers from patrons by distance or substituting any contact with remote services like click and collect.
    Good back up for these measures is strong policy and procedure on how to arrange rosters. The best policy is made by consulting everyone at work especially your Health and Safety Representatives. Signs and training reinforce procedures e.g. instructions on when to use hand sanitiser.
    Risk of exposure can be reduced by wearing safety gear such as masks.
    The best safety measures prevent you and your patrons from getting sick.
  1. Are we protected in terms of job security?
    We are all protected at work from discrimination by the Fair Work Act 2009.  If an employer makes a decision that has an adverse impact then we can represent you. It’s not okay to discriminate against age, physical/mental disability, marital status, family or carer’s responsibilities, pregnancy etc. If you are trying to balance any of this with your job then we can help.

ASU Organiser Cindy will be on zoom to discuss these issues:

DATE: Wednesday 1 July
TIME: 4.15pm
MEETING ID: 296 105 4620
PASSWORD: 083820

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