“Admiration” now “most valuable resources” – does EA offer reflect what council really thinks?
In this year’s budget, it stated “Whilst it is impossible to quantify, it is recognised that staff knowledge is one of Council’s most valuable resources”

Yet Council has made it clear yesterday that if you VOTE No then the recognition of your hard work through the pandemic (sign-on bonus) and salary recognition (back pay and yearly increases) is coming off the table – An interesting way to reward your “most valuable resources” wouldn’t you say?

This is disingenuous at best, or at worst a blatant attempt to strike fear amongst staff to vote down a poor EA offer.

The ASU thinks it’s shameful there were no references to the conditions which are being STRIPPED away or WATERED down. Did you notice mention of these reductions from any of Councils materials?

Following successful no vote campaigns run by ASU members, other councils have listened to their staff and increased their offer following a NO vote:

  • Manningham CC- INCREASED the dollar and percentage amount
  • Moorabool SC- INTRODUCED a dollar amount
  • Moira CC- REINSTATED conditions they sought to strip back and increases Year 1 pay
  • AND CASEY- threatens to START AGAIN…

Voting opens August 2 and closes August 6 – We strongly encourage you to VOTE and VOTE NO!

As always, the ASU is By Your Side. ASU support will continue to ensure Casey bargains in good faith, and you get the best outcome possible in your EA.

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