Following the last ASU member newsletter on 18 January, the ASU has received some member feedback and taken the opportunity to meet with groups of members face to face at a couple of interested sites.

The feedback from impacted staff has includes:

  • Poor communication about the Australia One change
  • Lack of planning around transferring of responsibilities being undertaken by management roles soon to finish up (e.g. reporting, supervision etc.)
  • Lack of clarity about roles in and out of the scope of change
  • No responses to questions about the future of staff employment in some roles
  • Lack of communication about certainty in roles, classification levels, contracts, caseloads, rosters and more
  • No communication about measures to minimise the impact of change on staff
  • And more

Staff expressed concerns about the capacity of programs to continue to deliver within funding and service agreements and undue stress on staff remaining in roles after 1 March.

The ASU have been actively representing members impacted by change in out of home care. However to date the broader issues have appeared isolated.

Your employer has a responsibility to properly inform you if your employment is to be impacted by major change. Members have a right to be consulted, to be given the opportunity to provide relevant feedback and to be represented by your Union at any stage of these changes.

The ASU will be formally approaching the Salvation Army to raise these concerns collectively. If you would like to add concerns to those above, please contact the ASU office ASAP.

For further information please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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