At the start of each financial year community sector agencies funded by the state government receive an increase in the indexation for funding to meet the increased cost of providing services.

The ASU understands that the Andrews Government is looking at an indexation rate that will fall well below the increase of these costs.

Over the past few years ASU members have been successful in delivering real improvements to conditions for workers in the community sector.  Wins like the equal remuneration order, portable long service leave and the recent 2.5% award increase all go towards making the community service sector a better place to work.

What do we want?

The Andrews Government needs to index funding for the community sector fairly for next financial year to avoid significant job losses across the sector. But fixing the issues across the sector requires more than a band-aid solution. The government should also work with the ASU on a process to deal with the outstanding issues from the ASU Essential Not Expendable campaign.  These issues include, secure jobs, secure funding, workplace fairness and sector sustainability.

Community sector workers have been the backbone that have kept this state functioning during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.  The ASU will continue to fight to make your job more secure, but the government needs to hear from you directly too.

Sign the Essential not Expendable petition now to let them know you want change.

The ASU call on the Andrews government to work with the ASU to fix the insecurity that exists for workers in the community sector.

If you would like to arrange a meeting within your workplace to discuss these matters please get in touch with the ASU at

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