In 2018, the ASU and other unions completed a lengthy bargaining process which saw many significant improvements to their existing Agreement.

Improvements included a doubling of both the Paid Parental Leave and Family Violence Leave provisions, significant wage increases, amongst many others, and importantly there were no reductions to any of the conditions contained in the 2014 Collective Agreement.

This draft Agreement was voted up by over 90% of the Anglicare workforce.

Unfortunately, the Fair Work Commission raised concerns in regards to the Better Off Over All assessment which Anglicare was unwilling to resolve and they withdrew the Agreement.

Earlier this year we managed to get Anglicare to come back to the table and continue bargaining. It was agreed that the only changes that would be made to the agreement which was voted up in 2018 would be changes required by Fair Work and a few agreed formatting changes with a view to allowing employees access to the improved conditions and entitlements negotiated in 2018.

However, Anglicare went back on their word and proposed a list of changes that included significant reductions to the 2018 agreement!

After many emails and numerous meetings, the ASU and the other unions at the table stood firm and showed management that our members would NEVER agree to the proposed reductions.

This show of solidarity resulted in Anglicare dropping all of their proposed cuts and working with us to get the new agreement finalised.

A lot can be achieved by standing together and holding people to account. We know we are stronger together!

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