The ASU, HASCU and ANMF will be meeting with Anglicare next Thursday 7 May to further discuss your 2020 Enterprise Agreement.

This will be the third discussion since February 2020; however, no formal bargaining has occurred to date.

Important points to note
Initially, Anglicare proposed that the starting point for bargaining would be your 2014 Enterprise Agreement.

The ASU made it very clear to Anglicare that this was not acceptable given that the 2018 Enterprise Agreement had been agreed upon by the Workforce, the Unions and the Employer and that Employees have been disadvantaged due to not being able to access the additional entitlements that had been achieved through the bargaining process.

With a view ensuring that the Anglicare 2020 EA could be in place as soon as possible it was agreed that the 2018 EA document would be the starting point for the 2020 EA.

It was also agreed that the only changes would be due to formatting and the changes required by the Fair Work Commission in order for the EA to pass the better off overall test when compared to the relevant Awards, therefore a formal bargaining process would be unnecessary.

The 2018 EBA was not approved by Fair Work Commission as it was determined employees would not be better off overall in relation to hours of work in excess of 76 hours in a fortnight compared with the Award. Therefore, Anglicare will need to make some adjustments to current permanent Disability Services rosters for both residential and community support staff.

Unions have asked Anglicare to provide a detailed proposal regarding roster changes that would overcome the issues raised by the Fair Work Commission. A basic proposal has now been provided, however, more detail and further discussion is required.

Disappointingly, despite the agreement that only formatting changes and changes that were deemed necessary by the Fair Work Commission would occur, Anglicare is now proposing a reduction to the minimum engagement provision from two hours to one hour.

Given that Anglicare is now proposing reductions to current EA provisions, Unions are of the view that formal bargaining will now be required.

We will provide another update following the meeting on May 7.

If you have any questions regarding this bulletin please contact:
ASU Tasmanian Social & Community Services Coordinator Kath Milbourne
0429 004 237 |

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